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Also, you may need to locate, upgrade or replace your private on-site sewage system as a result of your renovation or building proposal. Please contact the Building Division Lindsay office if you are unsure if a permit is required or for clarification of requirements.

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Large or Municipal systems more than 10, litres per day are regulated by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change. The requirement for mandatory assessments was a result of recommendations brought forth from the Walkerton Inquiry and the objectives of The Clean Water Act. The program requires the assessment of sewage systems on properties located immediately adjacent to the vulnerable zone of the Surface Water Intake area and properties located within the identified vulnerable area of a Municipal Wellhead.

Section 8. Thus, the mandatory maintenance inspection program is geared to identify systems that aren't being properly maintained and to provide education to home owners to ensure that on-site sewage systems do not cause a public health threat or environmental concerns. An Accessory Dwelling Unit is a completely self-contained, self-sufficient residential dwelling unit located entirely within a single detached, semi-detached, townhouse or row house dwelling, which contains no more than one other dwelling unit. Accessory dwelling units are often also referred to as basement apartments or secondary suites.

As of November 4, , the only accessory dwelling units that are considered legal are those registered with the City according to the Registration By-law Units previously registered under Town of Lindsay By-law will be deemed compliant. An Accessory Dwelling Unit is also known as a basement apartment, secondary suite or another form of secondary residential unit in a house that contains no more than one other unit. Zoning By-law permits Accessory Dwelling Units to be located in single detached, semi-detached, townhouse or row house dwellings within the City of Kawartha Lakes, serviced by full municipal services, where the dwelling is attached thereto.

An application for registration of an Accessory Dwelling Unit must be filed with accompanying paperwork and applicable fee to the Chief Building Official. Once an Accessory Dwelling Unit is registered, the owner will receive a letter of registration from the City. Any swimming pool capable of containing a water depth of greater than 1. The City of Kawartha Lakes Pool By-law outlines the requirements for the installation of both above ground and in ground swimming pools and the associated fencing requirements.

The Pool By-law regulates all private pools servicing dwelling units. The Ontario Building Code regulates all public pools, which includes private pools servicing 6 or more dwelling units.

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A building permit is required to install these types of pools. Property owners both have the right to build a fence, compliant with the Fence By-law , on the property line. As both parties have the same right for one fence, this can sometimes cause disputes. The municipality always recommends resolving your dispute between yourself and your neighbour on terms that are suitable to everyone.

If a dispute is unavoidable and:. Your property location within Kawartha Lakes determines which law applies to your situation.

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This typically includes but is not limited to ;. Use the Fence Dispute Mapping Tool to determine which law applies to your property. When the fence is being constructed between two properties that are in the two different regulation areas, the Line Fences Act applies. Fences being built off of the property line are permitted without a neighbour's consent if the fence being constructed is compliant with the Fence By-law or applicable building codes.

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However, it is always advisable to inform your neighbour prior to the construction of a fence as they may dispute the location of the property line. Contact the building department for information or questions about constructing a fence compliant with the Fence By-law. Forms for initiating the process to request Fence-Viewers to attend are available at City Hall.

Remember to provide a description of both your property and your neighbours, including the property assessment roll number. Attaching a diagram of the property is very helpful to City staff and Fence-Viewers. If you have questions about the process, please call extension or E-Mail the Clerks Office. Once an a valid application is received in the City Clerk's Office the Fence-Viewers must attend the proposed fence site within 30 days. The municipality does not process any fence viewing applications between November 1 and the following March 31, unless authorized by Council.

Fence Cost Sharing By-laws are very common in Ontario municipalities. The basic premise is that disputing neighbours can divide costs associated to building or repairing a fence on a property line with minimal government intervention. Highlights include:. The Fence Cost Sharing By-law allows residents resolved disputes on their own terms, and provides procedures for when a neighbouring property owner is unwilling to participate. Read it carefully, and direct any further questions to the City Clerk's Office at extension or email the Clerk's Office.

Alternatively, residents may build a fence fully on their property for example, 6 inches or more inside of the property line and assume all expenses, full ownership and responsibility of the fence.

Fences built fully on your own property must still comply with the Fence Construction By-law. It is always good practice to inform your neighbour prior to construction, in case they raise concern about a property line dispute. If you believe your neighbour is constructing a fence in contravention to the Fence Construction By-law, talk to your neighbour to bring forward your concerns, and if required, contact Municipal Law Enforcement.

City of Kawartha Lakes Sign By-law regulates the erection of signs for both residential and non-residential advertising. The Ministry of Transportation regulates all advertising signage located within meters of any Provincial Highway Right-of-Way. The Ontario Building Code regulates all signage that falls outside of the municipal by-law, and these signs would require a building permit, rather than a municipal sign permit.

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  • To access development statistics from past years please contact the Building division by calling extension Please visit our Planning and Development page for information about subdivisions and for answers to frequently asked questions. Permits and planning help protect you and your investment from natural hazards such as flooding, unstable soils, and steep slopes, while contributing to a healthy, sustainable environment. If you are living near a lake, watercourse, or wetland, you and your property may be at risk from natural hazards.

    A source protection clearance may be required if you are planning work near a municipal water supply system. Please check the Source Water Protection map to find out if you are near one of these systems. If you are in an area of interest, you may require a clearance.

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    Visit the Utilities, Water and Sewer services section of our website to learn more about water quality and services in Kawartha Lakes. Close Alert Banner. Close Old Browser Notification. Browser Compatibility Notification. It appears you are trying to access this site using an outdated browser. As a result, parts of the site may not function properly for you. We recommend updating your browser to its most recent version at your earliest convenience. My Property More. Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Email.

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    • Building Permits It is important that your building or renovation project meets the regulations of the Building By-law. Building Inspector Office Hours Building Inspectors are available to meet with you in person and respond to questions over the phone between am and am, Monday to Friday. Contact information Bobcaygeon Service Centre East Street, Bobcaygeon extension Coboconk Service Centre 9 Grandy Road, Coboconk extension or extension Lindsay Service Centre Kent Street West, Lindsay extension Omemee Service Centre 1 King Street West, Omemee extension Code of Conduct for Building Officials The purpose of the code of conduct is to: promote appropriate standards of behaviour by building officials in the exercise of their powers and performance of their duties.

      Map of building inspector coverage areas View a map outlining building inspector coverage areas. For more than two decades, Genworth Canada has supported the housing market by providing thought leadership and a focus on the safety and soundness of the mortgage finance system.

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      Facebook LinkedIn Twitter. Genworth Canada - Smart Shopper. Tweets by Genworth Canada. Design and development by Creative Equity Partners Inc. As your family income increases, so does the amount of the benefit. The credit is calculated for your eligibility depending on your family income. Your choice is important as the timing of the payments varies greatly. For example:. If you were married or living in a common-law relationship at the end of the year, then the same spouse or partner has to apply for the credit for both of you. If only one spouse or partner is 64 years of age or older at the end of the tax year, that spouse or partner has to apply for these credits for both of you.

      Live property records ontario canada
      Live property records ontario canada
      Live property records ontario canada
      Live property records ontario canada
      Live property records ontario canada
      Live property records ontario canada
      Live property records ontario canada
      Live property records ontario canada
      Live property records ontario canada

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