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Beachfront tent and RV sites boast some of the best views in the region. So gaze out on the Strait of Juan de Fuca to the north, the Olympic Peninsula to the west and Whidbey Island to the east, and breathe deep of the ocean air.

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The group of forts once known as the "Triangle of Fire" made up of Fort Flagler, Fort Worden and Fort Casey is a must-see for military, armament and maritime enthusiasts. Fort Flagler's off-the-beaten track location and its wide, manicured former parade lawns make it a winning destination. Automated pay station: This park is equipped with an automated pay station for visitors to purchase a one-day or annual Discover Pass and boat launch permit. The park provides one reservable kitchen shelter with a power outlet and water on the west side of the island across the road from the Kilisut Harbor launch and concession area.

The shelter has five picnic tables and a large fire ring. Restroom facilities and water are nearby. Maximum people.

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The park provides numerous unsheltered picnic tables, all scattered throughout the park with the largest number located on the beach, available first come, first served. Visitors may explore the military museum, featuring displays about area history. The museum includes a gift shop.

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Both are open daily, 11 a. For group visitors or special arrangements, call Admission to the museum is by donation. Gun emplacement guided tours: A guided walking tour of the historic gun emplacements and other historic sites are offered on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, a. See projectile lifts and sliding targets in action. Hospital guided tours: Step back in time as you take a guided tour of a military hospital. Hear about the incredible history of this beautiful building that was awarded the Mary P. Johnson award for Historic Preservation in Tours are offered on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, 2 p.

Donations are appreciated for all tours. Located in Jefferson County on Puget Sound, Fort Flagler offers two boat ramps, feet of moorage dock and 7 mooring buoys.

Moorage docks are seasonal, removed between September 30 and the first week of April, weather depending. Additional information can be found in the Boating Program. Moorage fees are charged year round for mooring at docks, floats, and buoys from 1 p. Daily and annual permits are available. On October 2, , the voters approved the incorporation of Bremerton as a city of the fourth class. The town's first mayor was Alvyn Croxton An election in January returned Croxton as mayor and seated A. Stires, Thomas Driscoll , J. Kost, F. Coder, and C.

Hanson as the town's first full five-member council. In July a private company brought in Bremerton's first piped water through wooden mains. William Bremer's plans seemed to be proceeding smoothly, but some serious trouble was brewing on the town's rowdy Front Street. It was inevitable that Bremerton would attract businesses that catered to the less-savory inclinations of young sailors and transient workers. Prostitution, gambling, drunkenness, opium, muggings -- the panoply of human temptation and weakness -- were present from the beginning.

By late Bremerton had a population of about 1,, and there were 16 saloons, all within a short walk of the navy's front gate. It was a wide-open town, and less than a year after Mayor Croxton was elected the navy threatened to shut it down, warning that it would boycott its own shipyard in order to save its sailors from Bremerton's "gross immorality. Gambling resorts and disorderly houses, the report says, flourish just outside the yard, especially when one of the war vessels is in port With no apparent sense of irony, Croxton two days later announced that he would close all public gambling in Bremerton.

This decision was not met with universal approval, even among members of the city council, nor was the navy overly impressed. It continued to issue threats and broadsides, and expanded the circle of blame to Seattle, describing it as. The battle over vice pitted the U. Navy against Bremerton's gambling houses and saloons, with the mayor and council in the middle and fighting among themselves. Resolution seemed possible on February 2, , when the council, at the persistent urging of Mayor Croxton, doubled the licensing fee for saloons and rescinded the licenses of the five or six drinking and gambling houses located nearest the base on Front Street which was south of today's 1st Street.

But a pro-saloon faction on the council managed to rescind the Front Street ban within weeks, and a short game of tit-for-tat was on. Mayor Croxton next pushed through an ordinance that would cause all liquor licenses to expire on April 1, ; the council responded by automatically extending all licenses for an additional year. This time the threat worked -- the pro-saloon coalition collapsed, and the council went the navy one better by revoking every liquor license in town, effective June 8, The ban of course did little to stop either drinking or gambling, but it did make it a little less obvious and a little more distant.

The navy's overbearing attitude and charges of rampant immorality really bothered William Bremer, who had put his money and his good name into the town, and by early fall of he'd had enough. His reasoning was simple: If the U. Later that month he traveled to Washington, D. But the navy thought the price was still exorbitant; Bremer came home disappointed, and never tried again.

Nor did his widow, or his children. Even today, a significant part of downtown Bremerton is owned by a trust established by William Bremer's sons, John and Edward. The ban on saloons and legal liquor sales stayed in place for about two years without significantly reducing Bremerton's overall sin quotient. But the navy was pacified, and quietly allowed a handful of liquor licenses to be issued.

The entire state went "dry" in , and nationwide Prohibition started in Sailors still got drunk in and around Bremerton, and gambling and prostitution did not disappear, but the city's leaders were no longer accused of being complicit. Despite its somewhat raucous reputation, or perhaps because of it, Bremerton continued to attract new residents and businesses. The February issue of Coast magazine described the town:.

The business interests are large and increasing. On every hand is seen the widest activities in all lines of business. A large saw mill, ice and cold storage, lumber yards are located here and groceries, dry goods stores, boot and shoe stores, bakeries, restaurants, hotels, saloons and all kinds of business departments are numerous and thriving. New, substantial brick and concrete business blocks, public halls, several hotels, one of which is a large three-story structure, and countless numbers of residences of a lasting and permanent nature are now under construction or just being completed" Coast, p.

William Bremer died young, at age On the day of his burial, December 30, , Bremerton's businesses closed for two hours in the afternoon and the town's flags were flown at half-mast. His widow, Sophia Hensel Bremer , took over management of the family properties and with the three Bremer children she would continue to play an influential role in Bremerton for many years.

One of the family's signature projects was the construction in of the Bremerton Trust and Savings Bank building on the northeast corner of 2nd Street and Pacific Avenue, one of three buildings in Bremerton designed by noted Seattle architect Harlan Thomas Employment at the yard reached 1, by the early summer of , but the roller-coaster nature of an economy based on military needs became clear two months later when work slowed.

The labor force was reduced by more than half almost overnight, only to grow to 1, again within a year, a pattern of ebb and flow that would be repeated with varying intensity for decades.

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  4. And, of course, the population of Bremerton saw huge temporary spikes of military personnel -- in the Bremerton YMCA reported that it had been visited by 57, enlisted men. World War I started to affect Bremerton two years before America's formal entry, when the navy yard began building submarines for Imperial Russia in They were not completed before the Bolshevik Revolution, and were bought by the U.

    By the time U. By employment at the yard stood at more than 6,, most of whom lived on-base and all of whom spent money outside its gates. Bremerton annexed the town of Manette, just across Port Washington Narrows, in , but the two would not be connected by a bridge until The census showed that Bremerton's population had almost exactly tripled in 10 years, growing from 2, to 8, And although it had refused Bremer's earlier offer, the federal government in decided to buy up what had been Bremerton's "tenderloin" district, from Front Street down to the waterfront.

    Front Street disappeared behind the base perimeter, and it and its riotous days came to an end. With peace went the booming prosperity of the second decade of the twentieth century, and Bremerton settled into a period of slower growth. Employment at the base tapered off from the wartime high of 6, to bottom out at fewer than 2, by , but the town itself had grown to a point that many businesses could survive by serving the area's civilian population and the lessened needs of the military.

    Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Building 460

    Homes were being built, car dealerships opened, services expanded, and optimism prevailed. Bremerton absorbed the next-door community of Charleston in , further increasing its population and tax base. In , construction began on the light cruiser USS Louisville, and employment at the naval yard jumped by 1,, providing additional flotation to the local economy. In November, after the bottom fell out of the world economy, work began on a bridge linking Bremerton with the former Manette, now East Bremerton, financed almost entirely by public subscription.

    When the full effects of the Depression set in, Bremerton, perhaps inured to some degree by the previous economic ups and downs of the naval yard, actually managed better than most towns and cities. The Manette Bridge opened to great fanfare in June , and with that completed the people of Bremerton tackled the Great Depression. They also agreed to regular payroll deductions to help support Kitsap County's unemployed, and all employed workers in the county were asked to give up one day's pay a month for the same purpose. The federal government did its part too, and the shipyard actually expanded during the Depression years.

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    Concerns over Japan's actions in the Pacific led to orders for several new ships. County projects funded by the Works Progress Administration also helped. So successful were these combined efforts that Bremerton experienced record growth in and , and by the end of the decade its population had increased by half, to over 15, By , when the national unemployment rate was still well over 14 percent of the labor force, Bremerton's stood at just 6. Bremerton was doing well, and in its incorporated status was upgraded to city of the second class.

    Navy Region NW--Fleet and Family Readiness Programs

    Business was good enough that the Bremerton Chamber of Commerce, which had been in existence since , saw fit to formally incorporate in March The incorporation papers were signed by its treasurer, William H. Four men are washed overboard.

    NB Kitsap-Bremerton, WA | Base Directory | Civilian Personnel Office

    Two are rescued but one later dies. Click on the images to enlarge them.

    No reported injuries. It is stranded for five hours until the tide and tugs pull it free. The carrier continues planned operations, taking part in ReadiEx exercise before going into drydock on November The S-3 was sitting on the flight deck, the Prowler then fell into the sea. The S-3 had just landed and was in the Prowler's path. All six crew, four from the Prowler and two from the Viking ejected. The two from the S-3 were injured one landing into a radar on the ship's island, the other into the sea. The four crew of the Prowler were killed, one body was found the other three missing presumed killed.

    The search was called off after 24 hours. The two survivors, suffering burns received treatment at Portsmouth Naval Medical Center.

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