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The first three digits of the mobile phone numbers prefix identify the mobile network operator that assigned the number, but since mobile number portability is possible and thus any number can end up being managed by any operator.

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Some network operators allow the caller to insert additional digit in order to redirect phone calls to voice mail. Four different emergency numbers are currently in use, but they are in the process of being replaced by , previously assigned to the gendarmerie, is already accepting any emergency calls in some areas. Special-rate numbers start with 8 and include toll-free numbers called green numbers , numeri verdi in Italian, starting with " Numbers starting with 4 are used for network-specific phone services like voice mailbox and various information services; they can be free, non-premium or premium.

The digit 5 has been reserved for VoIP numbers. Finally 7 is used for internet services such as virtual fax numbers and dial up internet access " Numbers starting with the digits 2 , 6 and 9 are currently unassigned and reserved for future purposes. In the past it was possible to omit the prefix when calling from a landline to another landline in the same area.

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The digit "0" was the trunk code and it had to be removed when calling from abroad. This changed in , with a transition period lasting from 19 June to 31 December. The new dial plan requires one to dial the full number for every call.

The main advantage is the availability of millions of previously reserved phone numbers. The change was widely advertised with a campaign named "Fissa il prefisso" "Attach the prefix". It was originally intended also to replace the leading "0" with "4" for landlines.


This was scheduled to be implemented starting from 29 December , but this never happened: "0" remained to identify landlines and "4" now identifies network services. Until a leading "0" was part of any mobile phone number, but it has been removed.

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Several other smaller changes occurred during the years: for example the prefix for toll free numbers changed from "" to "" in The Italian enclave San Marino has its own country code , but landline numbers can be reached using the Italian country code as well: the prefix "" is assigned to San Marino. Mobile phone customers are sometimes assigned Italian phone numbers.

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The introduction is not searchable and can only be seen by using the browse function. Advertisements for local businesses occasionally appear at the tops and bottoms of the alphabetical listings pages, as well as on full separate pages designated as such. Advertisements cannot be searched independently but can be seen by selecting the image of the phone book following searching for a name in close alphabetical proximity or by using the browse function. Phone books are very useful for pinpointing individuals in a particular place and time.

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While censuses were only conducted once every ten years, phone books were published around every one to two years, creating in essence, an almost year by year record of individuals' geographic locations and movements. This makes it possible to locate many individuals in between census years and especially to find family members during years in which censuses are not currently available to the public.

For reference, the latest viewable UK census is , and will remain so until early when the census can be released. Phone books are also very telling of an individual's economic and social status since telephone ownership is a prerequisite to an individual's inclusion within this collection. BizDB covers company information contact details website addresses trademarks financial details All the information at your fingertips, completely free, finally in one place.

Search company name. About us BizDb is a brand new, one-stop business directory that takes company searching into the next level by providing accessible, accurate and updated information on UK companies.

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Trademarks The complete database of Trademarks owned by UK companies, easily accessible and available. Financial data Both up to date and historical financial data, check not only the current status but also how the company developed over the years, see the trends. Contact data Get in touch with any of the companies analyzed on BizDb using our extensive phone number, faxes and email address database.

Company directors Have you ever wondered who the people behind business successes and failures are? Company web page The official company web page is often a great source of information, unfortunately it's not always easy to find.

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