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Another option is for the magistrate to release the individual on a personal recognizance bond, which requires a small fee through a money order.

Texas Criminal Offenses and Penalties | Felonies vs. Misdemeanors [FREE GUIDE]

If the bond is the result of a cash bond, most of it will be returned once the case is resolved, minus an administrative fee. Most bond companies typically require up to 20 percent of the bond amount before they will post a bond. Hiring a Georgetown criminal defense attorney before retaining a bond company often saves the client time and money.

This is because bond companies generally offer a 10 percent reduction in fees if an attorney is retained.

Third-Degree Felony Punishment Range in Texas

To expedite the process of jail release, an attorney can perform a waiver of magistrate , also referred to as waivers of magistration. This will generally save the person in custody several hours of time.

The process saves the person in custody from the formal process of going before a magistrate to be advised of his or her rights, having the bond set and having the charges explained to the individual. This process, however, is only available if a recommended bond exists.

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For a recommended bond to exist, the arrest must have occurred as the result of an open warrant. If someone was arrested on-site, meaning there was no warrant and no recommended bond, a waiver of magistrate could not be performed and the person in custody would not be released without first appearing before a magistrate. As an accomplished Georgetown defense lawyer, I often provide waivers of magistration, and I can inform you if a waiver is available. There are three types of misdemeanor offenses in Texas.

Outlining Felony Theft in Texas

When an individual is released from custody, he or she is provided with a court date. This date is generally set two to four weeks from the date of release. Once I am hired to represent you, I will reset your court date and you will no longer need to appear on the initial date. Typically, two announcement court settings can be set to reach a plea agreement or possibly a dismissal.

Identity Theft

This process generally takes one to three months, but it can take longer. If an agreement isn't met and the case goes to trial, the process could take six months or more.

What Is a Third-Degree Felony in Texas?

Code Ann. In plain English, this means that you commit theft in the state of Texas when you take something that doesn't belong to you, without consent or any other legal justification for doing so, and at the time of the offense you have no intention of giving the property back to its rightful owner.

Like the majority of states, Texas classifies its theft offenses according to the value of the stolen property or services -- and in some instances, by the type of property that is taken. In addition to criminal penalties, a person who commits theft including shoplifting in the state of Texas may be civilly liable to the theft victim under the Texas Theft Liability Act.

Theft Crimes & Penalties Under Texas Law

The theft victim i. If you've been charged with a theft crime, it's important that you seek legal counsel from an attorney with experience in your area.

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Arrest warrants issued for three suspects in $120,000 statue theft

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bond degree felony texas theft third would Bond degree felony texas theft third would
bond degree felony texas theft third would Bond degree felony texas theft third would
bond degree felony texas theft third would Bond degree felony texas theft third would
bond degree felony texas theft third would Bond degree felony texas theft third would
bond degree felony texas theft third would Bond degree felony texas theft third would

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