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There are health clinics in tropical countries around the world that are at risk of ruining badly needed medicines because they cannot keep them adequately refrigerated. Surfing closer to home, if you are reading this in California, your computer may flick off without warning as rolling blackouts deprive portions of the state of power, seemingly at random.

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The issue in most of these cases is not too little power. We in the western world are accustomed to thinking in terms of building more power plants so we can burn more coal and fossil fuels to feed our insatiable demand for power. But we must also aggressively explore how to better take advantage of those sources of energy that nature gives us freely, and replenishes constantly.

There are many regions in our world that receive at least 4 kilowatt hours of sunlight per square meter per day. This energy could be used to, say, bake a chicken or boil a stew. You could even power most of your home, except for heating and air conditioning! Many people who live in underdeveloped countries spend more of their disposable income on fuel for cooking food than they have to spend on food itself.

In certain areas, there is often an abundance of wind energy. Turbines can easily capture enough of this wind energy to, say, power light bulbs or charge batteries. Before engineers can develop such technology, they need to know how much of a given type of energy is available, and precisely when and where. Log in. Event Saved. Your message has been sent! Your email will only be seen by the event organizer.

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Power to the People!

Events are social. Allow Facebook friends to see your upcoming events? Down with the cybercrud. In the late 20th century and early 21st century the phrase has been used with regard to energy policy. The Pakistan Peoples Party has as its creed, "Islam is our faith; democracy is our politics; socialism is our economy; all power to the people.

Power to the people (slogan)

During the Anti Apartheid struggle in South Africa, the terms Amandla and Matla were used frequently during speeches and rallies, this was followed by the crowd responding with Awethu or Kee A Rona. These terms respectively mean "Power" and "To the people". Margaret Thatcher criticised the use of the slogan by the left in a speech: "Socialists cry 'Power to the people', and raise the clenched fist as they say it.

source We all know what they really mean - power over people, power to the State. It is also the name of the far-left-wing Italian coalition Potere al Popolo.

The s television series Citizen Smith had the title character use the slogan in the title sequence. Rage Against the Machine quoted the slogan in their song " Year of tha Boomerang ". The Jamaican reggae band Rootz Underground wrote a song entitled "Power to the People" in which they quote this slogan in both English and South African versions. One of the more politically extreme singer-songwriters is Quino, the lead singer of the reggae band Big Mountain who also wrote a song entitled "Power to the People" and then had a tattoo of "Power to the People" along with the fist placed on his chest.

Location of power to the people
Location of power to the people
Location of power to the people
Location of power to the people
Location of power to the people

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