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It re-sorts Gmail messages by type of content and presents what Google thinks you most want to see at the top. It also tries to group related messages together, such as everything related to a trip. So far, though, Google has chosen to keep the results of Gmail searches mostly the same as they have always been — all the emails that contain the keywords, presented in reverse chronological order. Bonforte of Yahoo said that he, too, had decided not to introduce bold changes to Yahoo Mail too quickly.

Email users are accustomed to having everything work a certain way, and tampering with that is risky. Instead, Yahoo is subtly making changes. Last month, for example, it added a small plus button to the bottom right of the window used to compose emails. Bonforte said the company was testing more radical design changes with small groups of users. It is also figuring out how to bring all of the recent changes to the mobile versions of Yahoo Mail.

Yahoo Mail gets a massive overhaul with a new look… and no need to use a password

Project Bootcamp is central to that effort, Mr. Bonforte said. The indexing technology behind it will be used to create more personal experiences on other Yahoo services, like its fantasy sports games and its new Livetext messaging service. Log In. These are sorted into file types, as shown here. I suspect and hope that Yahoo may change this particular free limitation in due course.

Do you like Yahoo email, or do you avoid it like the plague?

Do you know of any useful features within the free webmail system? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Explore more about: Email Tips , Yahoo Mail. Your email address will not be published. Bring back classic, don't know anyone that's said anything nice about Y! Any idea how I can add it? What you are saying is true, yahoo pop up access is not allowed for free in USA. I live in argentina, and the yahoo extensions emails yahoo.

What's the maximum file size I can send as an attachment using BT Yahoo Mail? | BT help

But you can't view your attachments separately. Considering the attachments you have and many more I get from various fun groups, and the powerful search feature in gmail i won't mind the absence of that feature. But regarding yahoo messenger, I must say that it is fantastic.

I use my yahoo account only to video chat with my relatives.

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Yahoo is in this business even before Google thought of gmail. They know what they are good at , however you cannot ignore the growing popularity of gmail due to simplicity. I would like to add that one thing. To take advantage of features that you can see from Yahoo mail plus such as address guard, pop access, you do not need to be a premium user, all you need to know is this little secret.

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  • Sign out sign back in and thats it, you can enjoy pop access configure your client , address guard feature. I also don't like the new Yahoo. I still use classic version too. Maybe Yahoo realized that, so they won't enable POP for free accounts. I have a tip for you guys. It's so great that you can add more than one yahoo account and when you delete an email from POP Peeper it deletes also from your Yahoo inbox, so it's synchronized.

    They must of caught on as the web address you gave us is no longer available. I get about spams a day which is exhausting and frustrating I unsubscribe, put in my junk folder as Apple says this will stop them and every time I unsubscribe it seems I get more spam from "like companies or topics" it is really ridiculous. I have had my identity stolen, my credit card number stolen and used after I received my new chip card the hackers are getting smarter and smarter and yet the programs to protect us have not caught up with the hackers.

    It makes it hard to trust anything on line! And You can also select multiple non-consecutive messages by holding Control Key while clicking, or a combination of the two methods. It's common on most web mail or email clients.

    Use Outlook's built-in search filters

    It's not about winners or losers - it's about diversity and different users' different preferences. I use Yahoo for mail and shamelessly abuse 4 Gmail accounts for online storage space.


    I am glad that my nick has a meaning to you; "gab" stands for Gabriel, and "" is just However, I had to copy and paste your nick as I could not write it. Yes, you are right - users of yahoo mail or hotmail have usually few gmail accounts as well - in order to take advantage of the storage space provided, not for the features of the service itself.

    On the other hand, gmail users normally do not need more than a single account. Also i find Google to have more respect and consideration for their users then other email providers. It's probably a "mindset" that not everyone shares. I don't like the "New" Yahoo! Mail at all! And like you, I have an account that I can't let go as I have used it for years. So, I stick with the classic view though I have migrated most of my interactions over to Gmail with the same user name.

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